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Arizona Vet Cuts Hopelessly Tangled Elk Free of Tire Swing

AZ Family

An unlucky elk stumbles into the backyard of a veterinarian. 

We're getting into the fall months, meaning the elk rut is on the horizon. As usual, there are some elk ending up in distress. Such was the case of a bull in Pine, Arizona, who got himself hopelessly tangled in a tire swing.

But in an unbelievable case of good luck, he just happened to wander into the backyard of veterinarian Dr. Debera Butler, who then worked for the next 12 hours to free the bull. Hear her relate the tale in the video below.

Butler has now earned the nickname the "Elk Whisperer" after her work to get this big guy free. We'd have to agree, it's pretty dangerous to go in and cut a big elk free this time of year. "I was constantly watching the antlers while I was trying to make the cuts," she told AZ Family.

We can't blame you there Butler. Nice work getting this big guy free Doc!

Unfortunately, elk getting stuck in children's playthings happens more often than it should. Recently a cow had to be cut free from a child's basketball hoop and last year another elk had to be cut free from a plastic child's swing.

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Arizona Vet Cuts Hopelessly Tangled Elk Free of Tire Swing