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Arizona Police Block Road for Massive Elk Crossing

elk crossing
Image via 12News

The police of Flagstaff, Arizona had a strange task recently: blocking traffic for an elk crossing. 

Two police officers in Flagstaff, AZ used their cars to block a road for a massive elk crossing recently.

Check out this footage sent in to the local news station of the impressively organized elk crossing as seen from a resident's backyard.

According to reports, two police cars were used to block traffic on the 45mph highway where the elk crossing took place. Some speculate the officers were called in by motorists who were concerned for the elk safety in their attempted crossing.

Did you notice how seemingly organized that elk crossing was? It appeared as though all those elk knew when to cross the road, and waited until it was safe to do so.

Next time you see a bunch of elk waiting on the side of the road, be sure to wait for them or call the authorities so they can help the animals. You'll be glad you did, and so will the herd.

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Arizona Police Block Road for Massive Elk Crossing