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Arizona Hiker Dies After Receiving Over 1,000 Bee Stings from Angry Swarm of Bees

Arizona Hiker Dies After Receiving Over 1000 Bee Stings From Angry Swarm Of Bees

In a tragic turn of events, a hiker in Maricopa County, Arizona died after receiving over 1000 bee stings from an angry swarm of bees.

While on a hike in Usery Mountain Park in Arizona, Alex Bestler and a friend were attacked by a large, angry swarm of bees without provocation. Though his friend managed to find shelter in a restroom and eventually escape, Bestler received over 1,000 bee stings and unfortunately succumbed to his injuries later that day.

Other citizens and first responders tried to rescue him multiple times while he lay on the ground, literally covered in bees, but the furious swarm of bees kept driving them back. Sergeant Allen Romer of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office finally was able to reach Bestler by using a utility vehicle. After loading him into the vehicle, Romer transported him to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

As a result of the incident, officials have closed two trails, a parking area, and a restroom until they can investigate the details of the bee attack further by locating and identifying the swarm of bees responsible for the attack.

Our hearts go out to this man and his family. This is a tragic incident and nobody expects to be attacked and killed by a swarm of bees when they go out on a hike.

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Arizona Hiker Dies After Receiving Over 1,000 Bee Stings from Angry Swarm of Bees