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Arizona Highway Camera That Presumably Catches Bigfoot is Pretty Much a Sham

Catching a bigfoot on camera? Possibly?

According to a story from ABC News, it appears as though a group of large animals was captured on an Arizona Department of Transportation camera. They posted the picture on their Facebook page in January 1st. It was on State Route 260 near Heber, Arizona.



A closer picture appears to show a large group of creatures, some large and some smaller. Some of the creatures appear to be standing on two legs.

Could this be a family group of the elusive bigfoot or a group of hoaxers pulling a fast one over the department of transportation and possibly the viewers of this photograph?



The Arizona DOT pretty much came clean that it was all in fun, and that they are probably not creatures but merely blurry images of stationary, non-living objects that catch the eye and happened to take off in a viral whirlwind.

Here’s what ADOT had to say in response to the thousands of shares and likes their Facebook pages has earned:

We hope that you’ll assist us by spreading that important stuff, too. Because sharing an alleged Sasquatch sighting is fun, but being able to quickly provide vital road safety information to your network of family and friends is really valuable – it’s also why ADOT started using social media in the first place.

While the truth may be out there, we unfortunately do not have the answers to your cryptozoology queries. We can tell you that a current view of the infamous spot on State Route 260 is available from our cameras on Now that the snow has melted, it might be a little easier to make things out!

So, did you fall for it? Or do you still believe?

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Arizona Highway Camera That Presumably Catches Bigfoot is Pretty Much a Sham