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Are You Sure You’re Using the Right Reel?


Have you ever wondered if you are using the right reel while fishing? Listen here to see if you should be fishing with a right- or left-handed reel.

This may seem like a silly question, but are you 100% positive that you are using the right reel? Fishing is all about maximizing the opportunities you get. Otherwise, it becomes the story of the one that got away.

If you in fact are using the wrong reel, it could be costing you some fish. As a fisherman, that is the last thing you want.

Listen to what this guy has to say and see if you are in the wrong. Don’t let that lunker swim away because of a minor mistake.

TacticalBassin runs you through your options. In his case, he was afraid he was missing fish that bit as soon as his bait hit the water. After flipping his bait, he would transition his hands so he could reel with his right hand.

That split second left a window for a possible missed strike. To adjust, the fisherman switched all his reels and setups from right-handed to left-handed.

After fishing that way for two years, he came to the realization that he was then missing out on more fish because his hook set with a left handed reel was not nearly as strong. Of course, he was still catching fish, but there were a few instances when he lost fish because of the issue.

With lots of practice, he shows us how he trained himself to be able to use just one hand for the flip, drag engage, and hook set, simplifying his technique and reassuring himself that he now was fishing with the right reel.

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Are You Sure You’re Using the Right Reel?