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Are You Serious About Attractant Scents for Deer? Then You Need Wyndscent


If you are not familiar with Wyndscent, you will be rather soon.

This revolutionary new deer hunting scent applicator is so much more than just a spray. It actually creates a vapor of doe estrus, buck urine, or doe urine that can be released on timed intervals from your treestand.

Since this is more than just a watery spray, it actually rolls through the air and stays together longer. In other words, you will get much more distance from an attractant.

Before we really get into this, check out this video below from Wyndscent and see for yourself just how cool this device is.

The science seems sound, right? The fact you can get 40 hours out of a single charge is pretty nice. You can also pick what intervals you want to release the vapor. Cover scent options are available as well in both apple and pine. Up in your treestand or down in your ground blind, either option would be easy to use.

Now, if you find Wyndscent to be a little intimidating, there's also another scent option you can get your hands on. Wyndscent offers a scent grenade. This actual rubber grenade is hollow in the middle which allows for a scent stick to be placed inside and squeezed. Whenever there is a need to check wind direction, or add a little more scent to the air, just squeeze. There are no batteries or timers. It's really that simple.

Overall, both products offer the revolutionary patent pending vapor options you aren't going to find anywhere else. The Wyndscent vapor system comes in at $99.99. However, the grenade is only $19.99 while the refills for both systems are $12.99 each.

Once you get the system in place, all your attractants and cover scent options should be covered for many years to come.

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Are You Serious About Attractant Scents for Deer? Then You Need Wyndscent