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Are You Ready to Rumble? Monster Bulls Go to Battle

monster bulls go into battle

September means screaming elk bulls on cool mornings. This up-close-and-personal footage of a battle between two giants should get your heart rate up.

Fighting to prove dominance: it’s what men have always done and will always do, and it’s no different in the animal kingdom.

These two monster elk fight for bull supremacy, and it’s majestic. A whole lot of weight and a whole lot of antler being thrown around in this video makes for an epic battle. As a hunter, you can spend years upon years in the woods and never get to witness a true fight like this one.

As an avid outdoorsman, one of my biggest hopes is to be able to witness a true knockdown drag-out battle between mature whitetails or big bulls. There’s nothing quite like it, and I am sure videos don’t do the real-life experience any justice.

Thankfully, this videographer was there at the right place and right time to catch it all on film for others to enjoy.

In season, tag in your pocket, bow in hand… a hunter’s dream. Which bull would you go after?

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Are You Ready to Rumble? Monster Bulls Go to Battle