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Are You Ready for a Hard-Core Hunting TV Show? [VIDEO]

Hunting TV shows take a lot of flak for being overly dramatized. Will “Apex Predator” be different?

“Apex Predator” is a new hunting adventure series on The Sportman Channel premiering tonight, April 9, at 8 p.m. EST, featuring professional hunter and hunting guide Remi Warren.

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“Apex Predator” comes from the creators of “MeatEater,” so that is note-worthy. We all love “MeatEater.” Warren and Rinella are also good friends.


“Apex Hunter” follows Remi Warren on his hunting excursions, which take up 300 days of the year. This guy is no novice hunter.

In this new hunting show, Warren studies animals to learn what makes them good predators. He then applies this to his own hunting tactics and begins to blend human and animal instincts. Humans are already the apex predator but Warren sets out to try to make us better hunters.

This sounds like an educational and intense hunting show. See for yourself tonight at 8 p.m. on The Sportman Channel.

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Are You Ready for a Hard-Core Hunting TV Show? [VIDEO]