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Are You in Sheep Shape?

These four hunters are doing what it takes to get in sheep shape.

Whether it's hitting the gym, trail running, or practicing your marksmanship under pressure, getting into sheep shape isn't easy.

Watch the video to see what these hunters are doing to ensure that they'll be able to hack it when the mountains and the sheep that inhabit them are doing everything they can to keep them from being successful.

Many hunters will never get the chance to hunt wild sheep, but that doesn't mean being in sheep shape won't make you a better and more effective hunter.

Aside from the physical benefits, a consistent training regimen that pushes your limits will also help you develop a stronger mindset, something that comes in handy when the hunting gets tough or the conditions are unfavorable.

Getting into sheep shape means something different for everyone. Take a look at your current level of fitness and vow to improve upon it by hunting season. Then get out there and put in the work to see results this fall.


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Are You in Sheep Shape?