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Are You Camo Crazy Enough to Wrap Your Car in Camouflage? [PICS]

Camo is in this year, and not just for hunters. Are you camo crazy enough to paint your car camouflage? These guys are. 

Some people go crazy for camo, even in situations where camouflage is not necessary in the slightest.

That is the case for wrapping one’s car in camouflage decal. There is no functional use for a car to have a camouflage paint job but people do it anyways.

Check out these people who are camo crazy enough to give their cars a camouflage paint job.

1. Barbie’s car?

I don’t even think the VW Polo GTI has enough ground clearance to go off-roading…

World News Cars

2. Does camo depreciate a Lamborghini’s value?


3. Snow camo for your Ferrari is definitely necessary.

Why are these people doing this to such nice cars?

Planet 9

4. Vanquish Volante

Ashton Martin teamed up with Valentino, Italian fashion designer, to design this camo luxury sports car.

Trend Hunter Static

5. Josh Gordan’s Camo Porsche

Some football players are avid outdoorsmen so…

CBS Sports

6. The real camouflaged car. 

Web Urbanist

7. May actually help if you take this thing into the woods.

Cars One Love

8. Batman’s Desert Rider

Dark Knight Rises
Campus Circle

9. The Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mercedes G6


10. Hunter4Lyfe

You Drive What

Here’s where you can buy camo wrap.

Everyone is secretly, or openly, a little crazy for camo. Show off your camo love loud and proud and get wrapping.

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Are You Camo Crazy Enough to Wrap Your Car in Camouflage? [PICS]