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Are You a Member of #HukNation?

Wise up to the movement that's taking over the fishing world: #HukNation.

Huk wanted to establish itself as a top tier fishing apparel company, but just wearing the clothes and hats doesn't make you a member of #HukNation.

To earn that distinction, you've got to understand the ethos that Huk has adopted, and adopt the similar mindset that is connecting people across the angling landscape.

Caring about the fish you catch and the environment you catch them in is part of it. Devoting yourself to an ultimate goal, and working hard until you achieve it is another. Fishing with a passion, not just a love, is what it's all about.

Can you say you're part of #HukNation? The gear Huk produces helps unite anglers, regardless of their pursuit, and you don't need tournament wins or town records to earn that sense of community. All you need to do is represent yourself proudly, and let the world know you're a member of something big.

Anglers who are part of #HukNation get it; they've fished the better part of their lives, they live and breathe all things angling, and they know the best way to turn around a bad day is to get on the water and catch a fish.

We don't just think being a member of #HukNation is a smart thing to do. It's THE thing to do.

Prove you're a member by sharing your awesome fishing photos on social media, and be sure to use #HukNation to let everyone else know where you stand.

Wherever you are, if it's the boat, the shore, the bait shop or behind your computer, you can help grow and advocate #HukNation, and in turn do something important for the sport of fishing.

Find out more and see what makes Huk Fishing Gear the choice of a whole nation of anglers.

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Are You a Member of #HukNation?