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Are These Liquid Metal Bullets Better Than Lead?

liquid metal

Have you ever considered shooting something other than lead? How about liquid metal?

For all you chemistry buffs out there this experiment will blow your mind! No pun intended. When talking about liquid metal bullets, each have a different effect when shot at a tank of water.

The question then becomes, “Would they be feasible substitutes for recreational uses for your hand gun”?

The different elements consist of sodium and potassium and when melted down the two become a liquid metal.

The round of choice? Hollow points from a .45 caliber, of course, instead of full metal jackets just so he could insert the different elements a bit easier, and so we can witness how they mushroom in the tank in slow motion.

Because of the liquid metal, the rounds are lighter than if they contained lead which lessens the amount of kinetic energy exerted out of the round. Due to this, the bullets expand a lot faster on impact and create a mushroom in the water.

These bullets don’t travel more than about half a foot once they penetrate the water whereas the lead can go up to two feet or so.

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Are These Liquid Metal Bullets Better Than Lead?