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Are L-2 Steel Sabot Shotgun Slugs as Deadly as They Look?

steel sabot shotgun slugs

Is this all-steel shotgun sabot slug a great shooter? 

Taofledermaus has some fascinating lathe-turned steel shotgun slugs to test out. Witness whether these steel shotgun sabot slugs are a boom or a bust.

In a collaboration with Survival Russia, Taofledermaus has delivered a test of one very unique shotgun slug. This all-steel shotgun slug is lathe turned from L-2 steel. It is placed in a sabot to keep this undersized shotgun slug flying straight and not damaging the barrel.

Well, how does it shoot? It does shoot somewhat accurately, despite the tumbling tendency. Since live ammunition could not be shipped from Russia, Survival Russia instead shipped the projectiles and the sabots. Then, Taofledermaus loaded the shotshells himself for this test.

No matter how unstable a shotgun slug is, they sure hit hard. Long live the shotgun slug.

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Are L-2 Steel Sabot Shotgun Slugs as Deadly as They Look?