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Archival Footage of Frozen Ohio River in 1977 [VIDEO]

A frozen Ohio River is tough to imagine, but it almost completely froze over in 1977.

Ohioans have been dealing with an extremely cold winter in 2015. In fact, this past February will go down in the record books as the coldest February Ohio has ever seen. The northern part of the state has been especially affected by the bitter cold in 2015.

However, 1977 was also an incredibly cold winter and the southern parts of the state were affected as well. It was so cold that the Ohio River almost completely froze over. It takes some serious cold to create this amount of ice buildup on a river as large as the Ohio River.

A frozen Ohio River is certainly an uncommon sight, but this footage from 1977 shows just how cold it must have been that year.


It was so frozen that some brave souls even ventured out onto the ice over the Ohio River. It is never a good idea to step out onto ice that may not be stable but these brave souls made it.

As the calendar turns to March, Ohioans can only hope that the weather will slowly start to take a warmer turn. However, after the deep freeze of February the ice is sure to stick around for a while.

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Archival Footage of Frozen Ohio River in 1977 [VIDEO]