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Archery Wingshooting: Are You Up for the Challenge? [VIDEO]

When it comes to wingshooting with a bow, Tim Wells is the king.

Watch this clip to see Wells hitting all sorts of feathered fowl on the fly with his bow.

Okay, he's conquered geese, pigeons, ducks, doves and pheasants with his archery wingshooting. Now we want to see him hit a flushing ruffed grouse.

Wingshooting with a shotgun is hard enough for most of us, but doing it with a bow takes wingshooting to a whole new level.

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Wingshooting archers use special fletchings called flu-flus. These oversized feather fletchings slow down the arrow and limit the range. This is very important to ensure safe shooting when aiming the bow skyward. The shorter flight of a flu-flu equipped arrow also makes it easier to retrieve arrows after a miss.

Other than flu-flus, no special equipment is required to start wingshooting with your bow, just plenty of practice. Archers can practice their wingshooting by shooting clay pigeons, stuffed animals or foam disks thrown into the air. Practice makes perfect!

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Archery Wingshooting: Are You Up for the Challenge? [VIDEO]