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These Archery Trick Shots Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]

Youtube stars Dude Perfect are at it again, this time with some sick archery trick shots.

The guys from Dude Perfect are well known for their trick shot videos, but usually they involve amazing basketball shots.

In this video, they prove that their talent goes beyond the game of basketball. Shooting from moving pick ups, shooting skeet with recurve bows, and finishing it off with “the worlds longest bow and arrow shot” at 300 yards. These guys have taken archery trick shots to a whole new level.

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Something tells me these boys don’t have much problem with missing deer when they’re out hunting. If you can hit a balloon from 300 yards, then I’d say hitting a deer from 50 shouldn’t be a problem.

Next time though, I want to know how many tries it took them to successfully complete each shot.

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These Archery Trick Shots Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]