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Archery Tag: Dodgeball with an Outdoor Flair [VIDEO]

Archery tag? The idea seems quite crazy until you see it in action, and then you want to join in too! 

Using padded arrows and paintball tournament-style barriers, these students of East Noble High School compete in a version of tag, but arrows are flying at each other instead.

See how archery tag is played.


The padded arrows allow for safety, and if an arrow is shot and there is a miss, then that arrow can be grabbed quickly and used against the other team.

This game is very much like the game of dodgeball that we played in high school, but with an outdoor flair.

Face masks are essential, and lower-powered bows are used to shoot the padded arrows.

Is archery tag an evolving sport?

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Archery Tag: Dodgeball with an Outdoor Flair [VIDEO]