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Archery in Slow Motion Will Amaze You [VIDEO]

archery in slow motion

Archery in slow motion is just as awesome as you expect it to be.

Shooting archery is different than shooting a firearm because you are almost always planning to shoot that arrow again. Yes, you can re-fletch your arrows and change tips and inserts, but more often than not you make sure you can take good clean shots to take care of your arrows. That precaution is good because it makes arrows last longer, but those "safe" shots don't really make for good archery in slow motion videos.

The guys at Archery 360 decided to chance a few arrows and shoot at some random objects to show what archery looks like in slow motion.

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While it didn't look like any of their arrows were damaged while making this archery in slow motion video, I still would not suggest doing this with your hunting arrows.

It does look like a blast for some target practice arrows and looks like it could make for some great videos. It would also be good for shooting competitions between friends.

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Archery in Slow Motion Will Amaze You [VIDEO]