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Archery Pal App Review [PICS]

Become a better archer and bow hunter by keeping your practice records, 3D score and more right in your smart phone!

Track your progress, 3D score and more with Archery Pal, a new and totally useful app for bow hunters.

This in-depth archery app can calculate your arrow speed, kinetic energy (KE) and front of center (FOC). Archery Pal tracks your accuracy over time and will tell you how accurate you are at each distance you practice, it can tell you your maximum kill range by how accurate you are at those distances.

You can also track your 3D scores, a super beneficial capability. Select the specific target you are shooting at and the app will tell you how big the 10 ring is and the best distance for you to stand based on your practice accuracy.

Also included in the app is a waypoint saver with compass. The Hot Spot feature will save the exact location, giving you the latitude and longitude, altitude and bearing. The included compass can guide you to your saved waypoint and it will tell you how much farther you need to travel.

To save your night vision and avoid spooking game, you can select the Night button and the screen will glow green instead of white.

Using this app you will be able to track your progress over weeks, months, and even years, allowing you to fine tune your shooting for the most accuracy possible. Troubleshoot when you have trouble shooting by seeing your problem areas progress over time. You can even take a photo of your own target to use as the main target.

Availible on the App Store

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Archery Pal App Review [PICS]