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Archery Huntress Shoots the Head off Her Turkey

This turkey huntress made the perfect shot on this holiday bird.

What is extremely incredible about this shot is that it was done with a bow.

Watch the most humane turkey hunting shot ever made.

Sarah Bowmar of Bowmar Bowhunting is quite an accurate archery shot. This huntress, while shooting a Eva Shockey Signature Series Bowtec Bow, nailed a perfect shot on a big gobbler in Indiana. This gobbler never stood a chance against Sarah's accurate archery shot.

Her shot is so good it takes this gobbler's head clean off. Now that is an instant humane kill for certain. Great job, Sarah.

Watch this video and see how to do turkey archery hunting right as Sarah Bowmar shows us with her epic archery shot.

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Archery Huntress Shoots the Head off Her Turkey