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Archery Horseplay with a Recurve Bow and a Caribou Target [VIDEO]

Tim Kjellesvik

This is what happens when your friend owns a bow shop and the customers go home: You get to partake in some archery horseplay.

In all transparency, I say, "Take one" in the clip, but really it was take two, which is just about as surprising to me had I hit it on the first take.

Watch a behind-the-back lob at a 3D caribou target at 20 yards with a recurve bow...while being recorded. But like LeVar Burton, don't take my word for it.

I know some of you might say, "They don't show the arrow impacting the target. How do we know he actually hit it?" Others might say, "Pfff. What's the big deal? I shoot trad all day long and make shots like that." Still others might say, "That guy has a face for writing and should stick to that."

To those legitimate critiques I say this: My elation from that shot (then subsequent disbelief that the camera was still on me) lasted a few days, much longer than most of the Xs or 12 rings I've punched with my compound bow. I felt like a 10-year-old boy at the range again shooting balloons with my dad.

That's part of the magic of shooting a bow. It reminds you there are still new things to try and unknown achievements to unlock.

Now for your homework: Incorporate some responsible archery horseplay into your regimen and see if it doesn't help reinvigorate your shooting.

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Archery Horseplay with a Recurve Bow and a Caribou Target [VIDEO]