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Archery History, a Longbow, and Some Comedy: What Else Could You Want?

If you enjoy archery history, you’ll surely appreciate the English historian Kevin Hicks.

The study of history is very valuable to all people on earth. History teaches us what to do, what not to do, who to trust, how to live, as well as a host of other things. As a high school teacher at a rural high school, I try to share the lessons of history with my students everyday. The most difficult thing about teaching history is you can never know everything.

There is always an interesting and influential person, event, or movement that you’ve never heard of, or missed learning in depth. People’s knowledge of different facets of history is incredible and you never know who might hold interesting tidbits and useful knowledge. Such it is with Englishman Kevin Hicks.

Kevin Hicks is a historical re-enactor in England who specializes in archery history, specifically English archery history. During his performances he takes on the identity of perhaps the most famous archer to ever live; Robin Hood.

If you enjoy archery history, traditional archery, or a dash of comedy, check out this video one patron captured from a Kevin Hicks performance.

As you can see Kevin Hicks really knows his stuff when it comes to archery history.

I browsed a few other videos of this entertaining re-enactor, and learned much about the roots of archery in England. In one video he showcases a variety of broadheads archers in England used and displayed some actual historical points he owns. In another he explains how English archers had to extract an arrow if they were pierced during battle. If you are interested in archery history, or English history, I would encourage you to follow the links in the Youtube page and learn more about the subject.

By learning from men like Kevin Hicks we can better understand the past of archery. It not only teaches us about a sport we enjoy, but offers us a glimpse into the lives of folks in the past who have shaped our lives today.

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Archery History, a Longbow, and Some Comedy: What Else Could You Want?