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Archery Green Rhino Hunt in South Africa [VIDEO]

Archery Green Rhino Hunt In South Africa

Not all hunts have to end in the death of the animal. This green rhino hunt that took place in South Africa is a prime example.

On a green rhino hunt, the hunter shoots the rhino with a tranquilizer dart, which incapacitates the animal for a short period of time. While the animal is out, the hunter can take trophy photos while a veterinarian examines the animal and treats any preexisting injuries, if necessary.

The veterinarian can also take this opportunity to take a blood or stool sample, fit the animal with a tracking collar, or even de-horn the animal to discourage poachers in the future.

Watch as Gus Congemi (who shot this massive brown bear on a previous hunt) uses some specially modified archery equipment on his green rhino hunt in South Africa.

While it is possible in some rare circumstances to hunt rhino using traditional methods, a green rhino hunt is quickly becoming the most common method of hunting rhino in Africa.

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Archery Green Rhino Hunt in South Africa [VIDEO]