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Just Shoot the Damn Pig! Archery Double Fail [VIDEO]

What’s worse that having an epic fail caught on camera? Do it twice in the same video!

As the old saying goes, “Some days you just can’t win for losing.”

Matt Moore experienced this firsthand while bowhunting.


The hunt began on a great note, with a plethora of pigs milling around in the line of fire. Then, a one-of-a-kind miss caused them to scatter like roaches in the dark. With luck and a little patience on the hunter’s part, the pigs came back, but the unthinkable happened.

He missed again!

The hunter’s seemingly one-of-a-kind miss might have made a funny story later, but it quickly became a nightmare his friends will never let him forget. Perhaps next time, he’ll pick a target a little further from the feeder leg.

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Just Shoot the Damn Pig! Archery Double Fail [VIDEO]