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25 Archery and Bowhunting Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow

On the eve of the 2015 ATA Trade Show, here is our list of 25 archery and bowhunting Twitter accounts to follow, from brands, personalities and more.

On Thursday, Jan. 8 through Sunday, Jan. 10, Indianapolis will host this year’s ATA Trade Show, the biggest gathering of archery and bowhunting brands, individuals and business insiders organized by the Archery Trade Association. The obvious Twitter follows are @ATATradeShow and @Archery 360, the ATA’s news, lifestyle and how-to source. 

Though it isn’t open to the public, plenty of buzz moves in and out of the trade show, and coverage of the event promises to reveal plenty of new, exciting and noteworthy happenings in the world of bows and arrows.


To help set you up with the who’s who of ATA Trade Show attendees and influencers, we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 Twitter accounts to follow before, during, and after the show. They represent big brands with the newest products, individuals either promoting or covering the event, as well as up-and-comers that you should know about. Not every entry is archery-specific, but they’ll be represented at the ATA Show, and play a big role in the hunting and shooting we do with a bow in hand.

Check out the list, and give these folks a follow. Your archery skills, knowledge and experience will thank you.

25. Carbon Express – @CarbonExpress


Carbon Express, with their arrows and huge selection of components, will be presenting some new and exciting gear at ATA 2015. Their following is already huge and is only sure to grow.

24. Bowhunter Magazine – @BowhunterMag


The undeniable print leader in bowhunting stories, trends and new products, “Bowhunter” will certainly be at ATA covering the show.

23. TenPoint Crossbows – @TenPT_Crossbows


Crossbows are increasingly popular year after year, and TenPoint is at the forefront of that popularity.

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22. Bushnell – @Bushnell


Though not a bow-specific company, Bushnell helps bowhunters compensate their shots as accurately as possible.

21. Hunter Safety Systems – @HSSVest


Most bowhunters hunt from treestands, and using a safety harness system is pretty much a given these days. Hunter Safety Systems will be at ATA 2015, and you should give them a follow.

20. Sitka – @SitkaGear


Another non-archery-centric company, Sitka provides great apparel, including some of the coolest camo patterns around. Their booth at ATA should be busy, as should their Twitter account during the show.

19. Average Outdoorsman – @AverageHunter


A hunting perspective of the people, Average Outdoorsman brings together tens of thousands of followers to share stories, photos, and all the other great parts of the outdoors.

18. Leatherman – @leathermanusa


Even though it’s not strictly bowhunting, you can bet the amount of people lined up at Leatherman’s ATA booth will be consistently large during the entire show.

17. Dead Down Wind – @DeadDownWind


One of the emerging tech-driven companies in the hunting and bowhunting industry, Dead Down Wind might provide some of the best scent prevention products on the market. They’re also making crossbow rail and arrow lube, amongst other cool archery items.

16.  Moultrie – @moultriefeeders


Dubbed the total game management resource, Moultrie doesn’t exactly connect completely with archery or bowhunting, but odds are plenty of bowhunters are familiar with their products.

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15. CarrieZ – @CarrieZylka


Zylka has burst on the scene as an experienced and knowledgeable female voice, sharing info on bowhunting and more through her blog and podcast. She’s been tweeting about the huge number of interviews she’s scheduled with ATA attendees, so she’s a definite follow.

14. Bear – @BearArchery


A big name in a big sport, Bear makes sure their Twitter followers are in the know with their constant stream of info, photos and stories.

13. Easton Archery – @EastonArrows


Makers of arrows and more, Easton was officially founded in 1922 with an emphasis on archery. They’ve risen to be a diverse company, but still make “the arrow built for you.”

12. Mossy Oak – @MossyOak


If you’re bowhunting, you’re almost guaranteed to be wearing camo, right? Mossy Oak has been at the head of the pack for a long time, and their patterns can be found on many top of the line bows sure to be highlighted at ATA 2015.

11. PSE – @PSEBows


Claimed as the world’s largest manufacturer of quality archery equipment, PSE turns 40 this year. They’ll almost certainly be showing off their latest flagship bow, the Decree.

10. USA Archery – @USAArchery


Though bowhunting isn’t their wheelhouse, USA Archery selects U.S. teams for the Olympics, Paralympics and World Championships.

9. Scent-Lok – @ScentLokTech


The odor-absorbing apparel company helps bowhunters protect their smell, and they support plenty of professional hunters with sponsorships and connections. They’re ahead of the pack for a reason: Carbon Alloy technology works.

8. Parker – @ParkerBows


Crossbows and compounds come out of the Parker facilities, and they’re certain to be one of the busier booths at ATA 2015.



Hoyt brings their recognizable name to ATA 2015 and will be setting out to continue making an impact on the sport this year and beyond.

6. Elite – @Elite_Archery


Elite Archery, out of New York, gives attention to both hunters and target archers, and will be in Indianapolis to show off their latest and greatest.

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5. Eva Shockey – @EvaShockey


There’s no denying that Eva Shockey is probably the most popular female hunter on the planet. She’ll be at ATA, but she’s a great Twitter follow for a lot of other good reasons.

4. BowTech – @BowTechArchery


Speaking of Eva Shockey, she’ll likely be hanging around the Bowtech booth, but these guys deserve a follow for their cutting-edge technology and leading archery products.

3. Under Armour – @UAHUNT


Camo and hunting outerwear seems like it’s constantly being improved. Helping that notion is Under Armour, who’s giving hunters more attention than ever.

2. Mathews – @Mathews_Archery


Love them or not, Mathews has made some of the biggest waves in the archery industry in recent years. Their Twitter account is an awesome follow.

1. Michael Waddell – @BoogerBottom


Star of Bone Collector on the Outdoor Network, avid bowhunter and all around good guy, Waddell will be at ATA 2015 probably doing what most of us would do, drool over new gear. Of course, we wouldn’t have to fight off autograph-seekers…

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25 Archery and Bowhunting Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow