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The Archerfish is an Excellent Marksman [VIDEO]

The archerfish uses its mouth as a water pistol to bring down bugs and is a damn good shot.

There are a lot of animals out there with cool abilities, but the archerfish takes the cake. This neat little fish can spit water upwards of two meters into the air above, striking insects on dry land and dropping them into the water. They very rarely miss their mark.

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It is pretty cool to see how this fish shoots down bugs. That's a powerful stream! The archerfish is an excellent marksman, getting big beetles on branches that are least 15 feet above them. They even try to shoot down the guy's cigarette because they are attracted to glowing lights. This BBC video has a bonus minute in the end on the velvet worm. Not safe to be a bug in those parts! Everyone is out to get you...


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The Archerfish is an Excellent Marksman [VIDEO]