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National Champion Archer Shoots Bow – WITH HIS TEETH [VIDEO]

When you see this guy shoot a bow with his teeth, it’s hard not to be impressed by his accuracy and skill.

Joe Wiseman, 30, is now a National Champion thanks to those skills, as he brought home the first place trophy from the National Field Archery Indoor Championship in Kentucky for the “Best Bow Hunter Freestyle Limited.” FOX 17 News in Michigan spoke with Wiseman and we knew we had to share the story.

As a 12-year-old, Wiseman caught the outdoor bug, as bowhunting, fly fishing and driving his ATV fulfilled most of his time. A terrible accident on the ATV in 2011 left him with a paralyzed right arm, seemingly ending his days of enjoying many outdoor pursuits.

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But Wiseman didn’t let his ordeal stop him from researching and learning about ways he could participate in his old hobbies.


We were left really thinking about this quote: “You go to a lot of these archery competitions, ya know, people will pull back their bow and if they don’t feel right…they can’t hold steady, they let down so they can regroup again. Not me, once it’s back that arrow’s going down the lane,” Wiseman said. You’ve got to have a lot of confidence in your shooting if that’s the case.

It’s guys like Wiseman that prove a person can leave the outdoors, but the outdoors never really leaves a person.

Have you ever seen anyone shoot a bow in an unconventional way?


Featured image via FOX 17 News – West Michigan

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National Champion Archer Shoots Bow – WITH HIS TEETH [VIDEO]