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Arcade Belts: The Ultimate Outdoor Belt [UPDATE]

This belt is not just a belt… it may change the way you hold up your pants forever. 

Arcade Belt Co., from Olympic Valley, California is a belt company that embodies the outdoors. The company, born in Squaw Valley, began by marketing through the ski and snowboard industry. It is the project of pro skier Cody Townsend and natural ripper Tristan Queen. Since launching in 2011, they have broken into the surf and outdoor industry and their retailers and following is consistently growing.

Arcade belts are stretchy belts, made from an elastic Jacquard weave, which is super durable. The elastic makes wearing a belt more comfortable and allows for more movement. On most of the belts the buckle is plastic to make it more lightweight, and it doesn’t dig into your stomach when you are sitting.

Some of their belts include “The Huntsman,” “The Blackwood,” and “The Sierra Camo.” They’re all are under $30, and they even make suspenders for $35.

Here are the choice belts perfect for outdoorsmen and women.



The versatility of these belts is great. I even used them to strap my shoes onto my backpack when I went camping.

Another great thing about the company is the “Faces of Arcade,” made up of ambassadors of the brand and lovers of the outdoors through and through. It’s these athletes that make this company more than just an apparel brand.

Check out their new video of the Arcade kids doing rad things in the wilderness:

Look out for more belts coming this March. The graphics this year, highlighted at the Snow Sports Industries of America (SIA) trade show, include a grizzly bear by a camp fire, a fishing eagle, and pine trees. Get your Arcade belts, my hunting and angling friends. You’ll thank me later when you are more comfortable on your adventures.


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The belts will be on their website March 1.

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Arcade Belts: The Ultimate Outdoor Belt [UPDATE]