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AR500 Armor Plate vs. 12 Gauge Slugs [VIDEO]

This amazing video shows what happens when AR500 Armor goes up against 12 gauge shotgun slugs.

When many people think of body armor, they think of the traditional Kevlar type vest that is made to stop mainly pistol bullets. Enter the AR500 Armor.

This amazing armor has an anti-spall and anti-fragmentation coating called Paxon. This coating actually keeps bullets intact and not flying to hot, sharp pieces when they strike the solid armor panel.

Watch the AR500 Armor actually capture 12 gauge slugs fired at it at only 30 yards.


The fragments from standard uncoated plates can cause lethal injuries as they shred away from the strike zone into arms, legs and arteries. Amazing!

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AR500 Armor Plate vs. 12 Gauge Slugs [VIDEO]