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AR500 Armor Has Hilarious Response to Most Popular Comment


The AR500 Company probably sees a lot of commentary on social media, so it decided to answer its most common one. 

About a week ago, I wrote about an AR500 backpack cut soft armor insert that is being marketed towards students.

While it may be better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it, some of the more common comments have fallen short of acknowledging the effectiveness of the product, and instead pose the very legitimate question, “What if you get shot in the face?”

Well, AR500 has the perfect solution.

Although it may be a somber reminder of the times we are living in, it’s important to keep a sense of humor in our everyday lives, which is what the company did by responding to their most popular question in hilarious form. What if you get shot in the face?

While non-chalantly considering the commentary from the internet, the employee sips on a soda and eats popcorn from an opening in the mask near the neck. Which, of course begs the question, “What if you get shot in the neck?”

You can view AR500’s line of armored products on their website here.

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AR500 Armor Has Hilarious Response to Most Popular Comment