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AR-15s Are the Perfect Survival Rifle. Here’s Why

Would you consider the AR-15 an ideal survival rifle?

When I think of a survival rifle, four criteria immediately come to mind: it must be compact, it must be lightweight, it must be extremely durable, and it must fire the .22 LR cartridge – a versatile hunting and survival round. The AR-15 platform can be made to meet all of these specifications.

With just a few basic configurations, the AR-15 platform can be made into an excellent survival rifle that can be used for self defense and harvesting animals.

The reason that I refer to the AR-15 as a platform is because it was specifically designed to be a modular system, so that they could be modified for specific missions. Survival rifles need to serve a wide range of functions, so having a platform that can be easily modified is key. AR-15 platforms can be modified in the field by someone with only moderate mechanical skill.

The most essential modification involves reconfiguring the rifle’s chambering for .22 LR. Drop-in conversion kits for .22 LR are readily available. These kits will easily enable any AR-15 that’s already chambered for .223 Remington or 5.56 NATO cartridges to also fire .22 LR cartridges without making any permanent alterations to the rifle.

By configuring your rifle with a separate upper receiver and a 6.8 mm barrel, and then carrying a second upper receiver with a 14 1/2″ or 16″, .223″ or 5.56 mm barrel with a .22 LR conversion kit, you’ll have the ability to harvest larger game animals at much greater distances and the ability to hunt small game.

You can also make an AR-15 lightweight and compact by installing a collapsible skeleton stock in conjunction with a 14 1/2″ or 16″ barrel.

If you have never considered the AR-15 to be a viable survival rifle, then perhaps you should take a second look at this amazing modular firearm.

What are your thoughts? If you needed a survival rifle, would you choose the AR-15 platform?


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AR-15s Are the Perfect Survival Rifle. Here’s Why