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Boss AR-15 Slow Motion Shooting [VIDEO]

What does the AR-15 look like when shot with a slow motion camera?

I love slow motion footage. So many processes happen faster than a blink of the eye and we miss out on some fascinating details. AR-15 slow motion shooting brings to light many new ideas about the mechanics of this firing platform.

In response to the AK-47 slow motion video, here are several AR-15s being shot in slow motion.

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Shooting with BRASS

Notice the ArmaLite Rifle (AR) platforms vs. the AK-47. There is almost no warp or movement of pieces throughout the firearm.

The AR-15 is held together with pins and screwed on pieces that give it rigidity and its reputable accuracy.

The background music obviously makes it much more dramatic.

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Boss AR-15 Slow Motion Shooting [VIDEO]