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AR-15 Condoms: Odd Product or Not?

Amazon now features a very unusual and oddly named product for guns owners: AR-15 condoms.

AR-15 condoms will give license to gun rights opponents calling us “ammosexuals” because of this product’s name.

The so-called “condoms” are protective coverings made of a Nitrile rubber blend, and they’re waterproof and UV resistant. They are priced at $7.99 and sold in packages of 20 by Sinclair Stuff Storefront and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Here’s the product description:

Ar-15 Condoms are extremely strong and made from a Nitrile Rubber formula that is a whopping 13mill thick. So whether you’re trudging through the swamps, in a sand storm in Iraq, or storing your rifle, Ar-15 Condoms have your rifle Covered… Pun intended.

The AR-15 Condoms are intended to help protect the barrel during storage, hunting, or even live shooting drills. You can place one on your gun, and shoot straight through it when ready.

One customer review on Amazon wrote this, “Similar “condoms” are available at Wal-Mart or the bandage aisle of many major stores. These are already dyed black and that is the main advantage. It’s a good product but you can find something similar cheaper at your grocery.”

Another review says this, “These are awesome! Until these were an option, I was stuck using inferior finger cots. These things are SERIOUSLY durable. In the past I used finger cots (a LOT of them) which would tear easily, and I’d have to stop and reapply. Huge waste of time. I used these on my latest hog hunt, and they held up perfectly against harsh brush, thorns, etc. The included resealable pouch is great too!”

Perhaps I’m a bit prudish, but this product should get a name change to make them more palatable to customers. What say you?



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AR-15 Condoms: Odd Product or Not?