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April Vokey’s Journey in Conservation

Fly fishing angler and writer April Vokey explores the history of fly fishing with industry elders in the name of conservation.

April Vokey’s journey from coast to coast, interviewing fly fishing industry professionals to explore the history of the sport, left as much to discover about the present day situation of the sport as its past.

In this short clip, commentary from fly anglers, fly tiers, and conservationists opens the conversation to present-day obstacles faced by our fisheries.

While some may disagree over a wide variety of management solutions, it is undeniable that our watersheds have been negatively affected by our own actions as a civilization. The Yellowstone oil spill in Billings, Montana is just a preview of the potential for disaster for projects like the Keystone Pipeline.

Executive protections against drilling, but not mining, leave the door open for potential disasters to occur on some of the world’s most productive fisheries in Bristol Bay that provide us with a majority of our seafood.

Legal battles over dredge mining in salmon spawning habitat are also a part of today’s reality.

It’s clearly evident what started as an exploration into the fly fishing industry’s history, quickly evolved into a look at the present moment, and a preview into the future of our fisheries if action isn’t taken to conserve them today.


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April Vokey’s Journey in Conservation