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April Vokey: The Next Big Name in Fishing [VIDEO]

If you haven’t heard of April Vokey, that’s all about to change.

April Vokey has been a fishing sensation centered around the streams and rivers of British Columbia for most of her life. Her ability to consistently catch large trout and salmon, as well her Fly Gal Ventures guiding operation founded in 2007, has raised her reputation to elite status.

I can go on, but considering Showtime 60 Minutes Sports just did a segment on her, I figure I’ll just let that speak volumes for me.

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Just the fact that Showtime did a feature on her should give you an idea about where Vokey might be heading as an angler, as well as taking the fishing industry along on her shoulders. If not, her own fishing show, “Shorelines,” starts on the World Fishing Network in January 2015.

On top of her 60 Minutes Sports interview seen above, she has been featured on multiple other fishing shows and magazines. Her fishing has taken her to destinations all over the world and published in magazines across the country.

To see more on April Vokey, you can go to her personal website, or follow her on Twitter.

More than likley, she’ll probably be coming to a television near you anyways.

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April Vokey: The Next Big Name in Fishing [VIDEO]