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Appropriations Bill Aids Fishermen

Now that the passed appropriations bill aids fishermen, the industry will see some financial support.

As the Gloucester Times reported,  the $1 trillion appropriations bill that includes $75 million in disaster aid for fishing communities was overwhelmingly approved by the US House of Representatives.

The bill will now move on to the Senate, where it is expected to pass as well.

The Times called it “the first tangible instance of direct federal financial assistance to fishermen and their communities since the Department of Commerce 2012 declaration of a disaster in the Northeast groundfish fishery.”

Since many anglers who depend on fishing as a living receive little to no support when things such as natural disasters or industry regulations interfere with their livelihood, the appropriations bill comes as a welcome gesture.

Decreases in catch quotas for species like cod, haddock and other groundfish has greatly affected the fishing community, especially in places like Gloucester. Massachusetts representatives are viewing the measure as a success partly their doing, with help from Rep. John Tierney. State Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey also initially supported the bill, which Massachusetts fishing has desperately needed.

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Appropriations Bill Aids Fishermen