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Apple iWatch Designer Recreates Beretta 486 Shotgun [VIDEO]

Many of us know Marc Newson as the designer for the next generation of Apple products. However, his recent design is even better than the iWatch.

Marc Newson, designer of Apple's latest iWatch creation, has partnered with Italian firearm manufacturer Beretta to design a more modernized version of Beretta's 486 side-by-side double barreled shotgun.

Newson was first approached by Gussalli Beretta over three years ago and agreed to take part in designing a 21st century version of the Beretta 486 shotgun. The results are absolutely phenomenal and make gun-enthusiasts like me ask "what iWatch?"

"To be asked to design for Beretta, one of the oldest companies in the world with its roots in the Italian Renaissance, was a great honor," Newson said.

Newson's vision was to create a more modern design while incorporating an Asian influence, specifically with the pheasant, the world's most traditional game bird. Even with the newer designs and detailed artwork, the gun still has the feel of an old school side-by-side shotgun.

First, you will notice that the traditional tail of the receiver has been lowered to allow the wood to separate the receiver and the safety lever. The receiver is now completely edgeless and smooth, giving it an appearance that Beretta claims is "extremely elegant and instantly recognizable." Next, your eye almost immediately goes to the Asian-inspired design. The original 486 had more of a floral design. This shotgun still has Beretta's cold-forged OptimaBore barrels with Triblock technology, which make the barrel more durable.

Though the price for the 486 Shotgun by Mark Newson has not been released, the 486 Parallelo is a comparable side-by-side shotgun listed for a starting price of $5,350.00, which has been rated highly for comfort, reliability, and quality. Assuming that the 486 by Mark Newson performs in a similar fashion, you'll have one heck of a gun in your hands.

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Apple iWatch Designer Recreates Beretta 486 Shotgun [VIDEO]