Public Service Announcement: The Rut is Coming, and No Females Are Safe

Bucks have no preferences when it comes to women (or species) when the rut is at its peak. 

The rut is the most looked-forward-to time of the year for deer hunters. Bucks ditch their normally elusive patterns as they begin to scope out hot does for mating.

Apparently bucks, especially young ones, don’t have a preference during mating season. If your of the opposite sex you are fair game as this video hilariously demonstrates.

If this doesn’t show the rut is in full swing, I don’t know what does.

I kind of wonder what that girl did to get him to chase her like he was. Perhaps some doe estrus was in play here, for that young buck to be that amped up.

While this was funny, I can’t believe they thought this was a good idea. I was waiting for that buck to accidentally gore her with one of its spikes, or at least plow her over as he chased her.

Maybe we have been going about this hunting thing the wrong way the whole time. Next time, just make a female family member stand out in the woods and wait for a buck to seek her out. (This also means women hunters have a huge edge over us guys…).

Regardless, this means right now is the most opportune time for us all to be out hunting.

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