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Do You Believe in the “Ghost Child” Captured by This Trail Cam? [VIDEO]

Do you believe in ghosts?

Real or not, this is just a little creepy.

It seems as though ghost enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to prove the existence of the afterlife, and now they’ve turned to trail cameras for creepy images captured… or photoshopped, you decide.

Trail cameras capture some pretty amazing images, most of them are pretty normal, some can be weird, but throw in a little girl staring at a big buck under a feeder and you’ve got yourself a freaky picture.

An alleged ghost child has been caught by a hunting camera… As you can see there is much more than a deer in this photo.

If this is real,  I would like to somehow contact this girl and ask her to give me daily reports on the monster bucks that are in my area, and perhaps get her interpretation of how I should be hunting. Maybe I could even get her to fill my feeders when they get empty. Ghosts need jobs too, right?

Otherwise, they might just sit around waiting to creep people out, and we can’t have that.



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Do You Believe in the “Ghost Child” Captured by This Trail Cam? [VIDEO]