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App of the Week: Ridiculous Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing is one of the most highly reviewed mobile games of the year. The app snagged Apple’s Best iPhone Game of 2013 award, and won a 2013 Apple Design Award. The game’s popularity, fishing theme, humor and addictive playability are why we chose it for App of the Week.

The game follows Billy, a pixelated cartoon angler who fishes from a rowboat. Players cast Billy’s line down as far down as possible, and hook as many fish as they can on the way back up.

With the gyroscopic function of the iPhone, players then fling their catches into the cartoon sky to shoot them down for points using shotguns, chainsaws and toasters.

Players can use points to buy more gear like longer lines and bigger boats and more ridiculous weapons.

The game is as its name says, ridiculous, but fun and addictive. 

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Ridiculous Fishing has performed well on the App store since it was released last March. Last August the game had already reached 300,000 downloads, and made an estimated $1,000,000 in sales.

While it’s a cartoon and only loosely connected to real-life angling, we can’t help but think that Ridiculous Fishing has helped in some way to bring fishing more popularity in the digital world.

Check out Ridiculous Fishing in the iTunes App Store

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App of the Week: Ridiculous Fishing