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App Of The Week: iSolunar Hunting And Fishing Times

iSolunar Icon (256 px)Redsnake Enterprises' iSolunar Hunting and Fishing Times has consistently held the number one ranking for hunting and fishing apps on the iTunes App Store, and for good reason: It will accurately tell you the best time of day to hunt or fish any location in the US.

iSolunar Hunting and Fishing Times uses solunar information from the US Naval Observatory to create location specific peak fish and game activity reports. Solunar information has been available to sportsmen in a variety of forms for decades, but none as streamlined and easy-to-read as the iSolunar Hunting and Fishing Times app.

"I was always frustrated with the difficulty in finding accurate tables for my location or not remembering to look up the Solunar periods before I went," said Red Cochran, CEO of Redsnake Enterprises, according to a company press release. "We thought, 'Hey, wouldn't it be great if there was an app for this?"

If you're not familiar with Solunar tables, here's a quick primer: Solunar theory suggests that the sun, moon and Earth's tides' positions heavily influence the activity levels of fish and game. Solunar tables provide accurate estimates of the major and minor peak activity times for animals in a given area, mainly by measuring where the moon's position is in the sky and underfoot. With iSolunar Hunting and Fishing Times, sportsmen can quickly retrieve multiple peak activity reports for fish and game for multiple locations, along with several other detailed reports, in a matter of seconds.

iSolunar-Location-Entry iSolunar-Solunar-Results iSolunar-Week-View

Is it easy to use?

Absolutely. The app's interface is simple and well organized. Users can input their location automatically with iPhone's GPS tracking device, or choose to enter it manually by city, state, and zip code. For each location the app will produce daily, weekly and monthly activity reports with specific times for both the major and minor Solunar periods. Each location is assigned an activity ranking on a 1-4 scale (1=Fair, 2=Good, 3=Better, 4=Best.)

Users can also check hourly and five-day weather forecasts for their area, and also share reports with the app's email and text shortcuts. The app also allows users to show off what they've caught or killed with the virtual Trophy Room feature.

Additional Features

iSolunar-Custom-MappingFor $.99 users can upgrade to a premium weather package that includes tidal reports, a radar feature and spark information about the area. For another $.99 users can purchase the Custom Location Marker to mark things like game feeders, tree blinds, kills, etc. on a satellite image of a specific location.

So, is it worth it? For just $4.99, we think so. Having the ability to pull up neatly organized fish and game peak activity reports at a moment's notice is an incredibly useful tool to have in the field. The premium upgrades are also helpful tools, and are only $.99 a piece, a small price to pay for a competitive edge.

Do yourself a favor, and pick up the iSolunar Hunting and Fishing Times app before you head out for your next outing.

Check out iSolunar Hunting and Fishing Times in the iTunes App Store.


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App Of The Week: iSolunar Hunting And Fishing Times