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Is There Anything Better Than Grouse Hunting with Your Dog? [VIDEO]


Are you going nuts waiting for grouse season? This beautiful video of a perfect day in the grouse woods won't help.

If you're anything like me, this time of the year is painful. Not because of the heat or a lack of air conditioning - but because you just can't wait to get out in the autumn woods to chase some ruffed grouse around.

I have many fond memories of getting up early on a weekend morning to run around the aspen clear-cuts and logging trails with my father to find just a couple grouse. If you were fortunate to get even one, it was a great day.

This video will put you in the grouse hunting spirit quicker than a covey of partridges flushing from a thicket. Check it out.

I warned you. Bet you can't concentrate on work the entire rest of the day!

According to the Ruffed Grouse Society, grouse are the widest ranging game bird in North America, and are found in all of the Canadian Provinces and in 38 of the 49 states on the continent!

They really thrive in areas where there is early successional forest - in other words, they need forest disturbances (through windstorms, fires, or logging clear-cuts) to set back the age of the forest to a younger stage.

As you saw in the video, the hunter mostly walked through dense younger forests that provide the right mix of food and cover for grouse. Target where these areas intersect with other habitat types (mature forest, open grasslands, etc.) and you're sure to see some birds!

Ruffed grouse are unique in that their population numbers cycle about every ten years or so. Minnesota, for example, is on the upswing after a population low in around 2013. That means hunting should keep getting better for the next couple years. That's great news.

Because after seeing that video, I can't stop thinking about those misty mornings, crunchy leaves, and thunderous wings.

Here's to hoping you have a morning just like this video during the upcoming season!

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Is There Anything Better Than Grouse Hunting with Your Dog? [VIDEO]