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Antlerless Permit Structure Changes in Effect for Wisconsin

Wisconsin deer hunting season will see a new antlerless permit structure.

As indicated earlier in the month, Wisconsin has made the official changes to the deer hunting season beginning in fall of this year, with Natural Resources board approval.

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The state Department of Natural Resources announced that 19 counties and four tribal territory deer management units will allow buck-only hunting, with no antlerless quotas required to be filled first, with a few minor exceptions.

All of the buck only units are in the northern or central region of the state.

“With the severity of this past winter, recommending a buck only hunting season for much of Northern Wisconsin is a first step in allowing the deer population to recover,” said DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp in the news release. “We have received a great deal of public input on these recommendations and have received great support.”

Also, 175,000 bonus antlerless deer permits will become available in mid-August. When hunters buy them, they’ll need to distinguish some specifics about their hunting plans, in which case the DNR can limit antlerless harvest on heavily-hunted public lands.

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The department has made some other changes, including adjustments to its CWD management zones. For more details, they urge hunters to visit and search keyword “deer.”

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Antlerless Permit Structure Changes in Effect for Wisconsin