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Antlered Doe is Quite a Rare Trophy [VIDEO]

This may be the rarest trophy of them all: an antlered doe. 

Two hunters in Arkansas, Terry Byrd and his mother Maxine, were in their hunting stand when Maxine spotted a potential 9-point buck. She took the shot and brought it down.

When they went back to their home in Ida, Ark. to harvest their kill was when the buck “showed its true self.”

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“It had girl parts…” says Maxine.

What she had shot was a mature doe with antlers, quite rare. Officials at Arkansas Game and Fish went to Ida to document the rare deer. They confirmed it was a doe but because it had antlers, tagged it a buck.

Biologists say this is an unusual find but there have been previous cases. Really only three have been documented so this is indeed, the rarest trophy. This was, of course, Maxine’s first antlered doe.

They will go back to the same hunting spot this weekend but Maxine is unsure if she wants another freak doe.

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Antlered Doe is Quite a Rare Trophy [VIDEO]