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Antlered Doe in Full Velvet Shot in Indiana

Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife

Anytime an antlered doe is harvested it makes the news, but this one is in full velvet! 

An antlered doe in full velvet is blowing up the Internet all over Indiana and most of the Midwest.

According to this post by the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife (IDFW), who published this photo and information, 1 in 20,000 does will actually have antlers. 


Gayle Johnson brought down this doe in Parke County, Indiana on November 14, 2015, the first day of gun season in the state.

He was probably surprised that the buck he thought he was about to shoot was still in velvet, but according to the IDFW, this is actually very common for an antlered doe.

When Johnson checked his deer in, he was denied checking it in as a doe and had to claim it as a buck, since it did have antlers.

Many are calling it a once in a lifetime deer, which is probably pretty accurate.

There was even the case of the 30-point antlered doe, a true anomaly of nature. A biologist was quoted as saying out of the 400,000 deer killed annually, only about one or two are reported.


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Antlered Doe in Full Velvet Shot in Indiana