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Antler Restriction Regulations For Texas [VIDEO]

Image via Facebook/TexasParksandWildlife

Texas antler restrictions aim to help create a more mature herd.

Most hunters know that it is best not to shoot immature bucks to help improve the genetics of your population.

It also helps to harvest underdeveloped deer. Some people choose to follow these guidelines and some just take what they can get. Texas has decided to change that philosophy by making it law which deer you can legally harvest based on antler size.

Watch the video from Texas parks and Wildlife below to learn more.

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So, as you can see, they seem to have done a pretty good job of laying out what you can and cannot shoot.

This video even serves as a good guide for those outside of Texas to be able to determine the size of a deer before pulling the trigger.

Texas is taking charge of managing their deer population and genetics and ensuring that the state continues to have high quality deer with trophy antlers.

But is this the right way to approach the situation? Do you think that a state should focus on improving the antler size of a buck or should they leave that to the hunters to control? Share your thoughts on the Texas antler restriction law in the comments below.


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Antler Restriction Regulations For Texas [VIDEO]