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This Antique Machine Gun Has Some Serious Firepower [VIDEO]

The antique machine gun in this video boasts some very serious firepower.

Black powder weapons are notorious for taking an extended amount of time to load. However, before today’s modern tech, it is all that soldiers and hunters had to work with. So what do you do when loading one barrel takes a long time? Well, you build a 32-barrel black powder machine gun of course!

Although loading 32 barrels would take a while, it also would have offered the type of firepower needed to overwhelm enemy forces. At least until it needed to be reloaded again.

Check it out in action below.

This antique machine gun is definitely a cool little piece of firearms history. The continuous firing mechanism is pretty ingenious and as you can see, it works very quickly! Despite the coolness of the gun, better gun safety could have been employed in this video. Considering it is on wheels, the gun should have been anchored down before being fired.

The barrels on the antique machine gun should have also been pointed in a safe direction before the shooters approached the target. Black powder guns can fail to fire right away sometimes and risking exposure to a hang fire or late firing round is never a good idea. Always remember to practice good gun safety techniques!

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This Antique Machine Gun Has Some Serious Firepower [VIDEO]