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This Anti-Shark Device Is Selling Fast

Hawaii’s recent increase in shark attacks has boosted sales in the state for an anti-shark device that repels the predators with an electric pulse.

The Associated Press reported that the Electronic Shark Defense System from ESDS Hawaii is flying off the shelves in the state. Designed for swimmers, surfers and fishermen, the device can be strapped to the user’s ankle, surfboard or even to the fish they’ve caught. The devices come in two version, one the size of watch and the other a wallet, and range from $399 and $649.

Sales of the anti-shark device have surged in Hawaii because of the increase of shark attacks in the state during the last few years. The Associated Press reported that in 2013, eight people were attacked by sharks in Maui and 14 statewide. 2012 had 11 shark attacks and there were only three in 2011.

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The AP also reported the anti-shark device might not be as effective against larger sharks, such as tiger sharks, bull sharks and great whites, which tend to be the more dangerous shark species.

For more information, visit ESDS Hawaii’s website.


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This Anti-Shark Device Is Selling Fast