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Anti-Shark Bracelet Tested in Open Waters [VIDEO]

anti-shark bracelet

Filmed in October 2013, this video documents an anti-shark bracelet testing in the deep sea. 

The model of this anti-shark bracelet is called Deartaeck, and the diver testing it gets very close to some sharks. 

Watch as this brave guy finds out how well this anti-shark bracelet works in a real-life situation.

As you just saw, this anti-shark bracelet, once it was activated, effectively made the shark swim away using magnetic technology. Although this was just one test, this device could help divers who find themselves in a sticky situation. Sharks hunt using their electro-sensors and the anti-shark bracelet throws them off.

This diver was exceptionally brave to test this anti-shark bracelet with no evident forms of backup protection. Did you see how close the shark got to him before it was scared off?

Perhaps this device needs more testing, but this video shows that it at least helped this diver avoid the shark. If you’re planning a deep-sea adventure soon, look into safety equipment like the anti-shark bracelet.

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Anti-Shark Bracelet Tested in Open Waters [VIDEO]