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Anti-Hunters Obtain E-Mail Addresses of Florida Bear Hunters

Herald Tribune

Anti-hunters are personally targeting Florida bear hunters after obtaining their email addresses in a public record request. 

In a story coming out of Tampa Bay, Florida bear hunters are being harassed since their personal information was made public after a request was made to obtain the state bear hunting records being kept by the Florida Wildlife Commission.

According to the state of Florida, any records, such as bear permit holders for the 2015 hunting season, are public records and must be provided if formally requested.

Since this information was handed over, members of the group Bears of Wekiva, dedicated to stopping the Florida bear hunting season, has been e-mailing every hunter that successfully obtained a bear permit asking them not to partake in the hunt.

The Florida bear hunt is slated to take place this coming Saturday, Oct. 24.

Unfortunately, a lot of of the Florida bear hunters had no idea that by obtaining a license their personal information was going to be kept in public files.

“Some of them have gotten emails from a group that’s urging them not to hunt,” said Nick Wiley, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission executive director. “Some of them are criticizing them for even getting a permit.”

However, others are encouraging the anti-hunting group.

“If you know someone on the list, email them!” said St. Petersburg City Council candidate Lorraine Margeson.

After repeated efforts by anti-hunting groups and Florida residents asking for other alternatives to handle the exploding bear population in Florida, the hunt is going forward as planned.

Per the season quota, the hunt will be suspended once 320 bears have been harvested. The use of dogs will also not be allowed.

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Anti-Hunters Obtain E-Mail Addresses of Florida Bear Hunters